About Us

‘’किरात साम्पाङ्ग राई’’

साम्पाङ्ग राईहरुको आदिम थलो दिक्तेल जिल्लाको पूर्व-उतारी भेगको खार्मी, बस्पानी, पाथेका, खार्तम्छा र फेदी ग, बि,,हरु हुन्। यसलाई पाखाबाश फेदी पनि भानिन्छा। यसैगरी रावाखोला बाट ३०० बर्सा अगाडि भोजपुरको

साम्पाङ्ग , ताप्लेजुङ् ,पच्थार, इलम, झापा, मोरङ्, सुन्सारी र उदयपुर आदिमा पनि आइ बसोबास गर्दै आयेकछन। यस समुदयाको मिठक हरु जानास्रोत आनुसार हाल बस्पानी, खोक्मा, ताप्खोला र वानामाखोलाको संगम स्थल पर्ने ठुलो चप्लेटी-साम्फेलुङ्लाई खिम आर्थत घारको रुपमा मानि बसोबास गर्दै आएको थिए साम्पाङ्ग  हरु।

“Kirant Sampang Rai Jumlekha” is a non-profit, non-governmental, linguistic organization that is dedicated to preserve its indigenous language, scripture, and social norms and values like all other linguistic organizations do. Sampang is one of the popular languages among various languages of Kirant Rai people. Places namely Banspani, Khartamcha, Phedi, Patheka and Kharmi located in the northern part of Khotang district of Nepal are the native home of Sampang people.

Keeping in mind the possibility that our pesent generations may leave behind our culture while going through various modern challenges, Sampangs of Khotang firstly established “Kirant Sampang Rai Society Khotang”. Likewise Sampangs living in Kathmandu founded “Kirant Sampang Rai Afflux Society Kathmandu”. Later these two organisations jointly organized a grand Sampang meeting informing Sampangs from all over the nation, at Dharan and gave birth to “Kirant Sampang Rai Jumlekha Nepal”. This organization has been uniting, encouraging and motivating Sampangs from all over the world since its establishment. “Jumlekha” word refers to Sampang language.

According to an objective of “Kirant Sampang Rai Jumlekha”, Sampangs living in United Kingdom also got united and established an organization named “Kirant Sampang Rai Jumlekha UK” on 30<sup>th</sup> August 2009 by a small gathering at Brompton Union Club, Medway. The main objective of this organization is to preserve and promote our indigenous culture and language. This organization helps all Sampangs of UK to stay in touch and connected giving helping hands to each other in need. We have been organizing an annual get together program so as to create and promote acquaintance between every Sampang living in UK. In addition, it’s purpose is to work in co-ordination with Jumlekha Nepal and all other Jumlekhas out there. We have been supporting Nepal from the beginning in several ways. We supported “Kirant Sampang Rai Afflux Society Kathmandu” to publish a book named “Brief Introduction to Kirant Sampang Rai 2062”. We had provided necessary articles including financial and moral supports for the book which helped one of our Sampangs to get Phd. Also, we have been helping in several linguistic books writing and music albums recording.